Registration Help Topics

Here is a list of topics to assist you with your child's registration. Click on any of the topic titles below to jump to that section, or just scroll down to find the appropriate information.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please send an e-mail to

Logging In Checking if your email is known, creating a new account
Forgotten Password? How to reset your password
Creating a New Account How to start from scratch for a new user
E-mail Already Taken What if your e-mail address is in the system incorrectly?
Adding Parent Information Adding parent information for a family
Adding Child Information Adding information for children
Handling Entry Errors What happens if you enter some invalid data
Registering a Child How to register a child in the current session
Registration Confirmation Confirming your Registration
Payment Online Using PayPal to pay online by credit card or bank account
Payment by Cheque or In Person How to pay by cheque or cash (or using Kidsport)
Payment Confirmation Confirming payment for your registration

Logging In

The registration system for CYSA is based on having one family account for each family that has children playing recreational soccer (summer or winter) with CYSA.
Each such family account is accessed through one or more e-mail addresses. Each parent can have their own e-mail address and password to access the same family information.
To get started, click on the "Registration" link in the black menu header at the top of the screen. You will then see the following information. Sign-in Window

When you first come to this screen, there are three possibilities

  1. Your e-mail and family information are known, and you have a password set up
  2. If your child played for us last year, your e-mail is probably in the system, but you will need to establish a password
  3. If you have never had a child playing for CYSA, your e-mail and family information will not then exist.

Here is what you do for the three cases

  1. When your account is established and you have a password, you simply enter both your e-mail address and password in the boxes, and press the "Sign in" button. You will then be directed to a window displaying your family information.
  2. If you aren't sure if your e-mail address is in our system, here is what you do. Type in your e-mail address in the box provided, and then press the "Sign in" button, without supplying a password. If the e-mail address is known, but does not have a password set, then you will see the following. Send confirmation window Push the "Send confirmation" button, and you will be sent an e-mail message containing a link that will lead you to a page where you can set your password. Confirmation email message Once you click on the "Confirm my account" link, your browser will bring up the following page, where you can enter your password and your e-mail account will be activated. Account activation page Any family information that we have on file and have associated with your e-mail account will then be displayed.
  3. To create a new account, follow the steps in Creating a New Account

Forgotten Password?

If you have forgotten your password, there is a simple way to allow you to enter a new one.
On the main sign-in window, press the "Forgot your Password?" button and you will be led to this window:
Reset password link

Enter and check your e-mail address and press the "Send me reset password instructions" button and you will receive the following e-mail message:

Change password e-mail

When you click on the link in your e-mail, your browser will open the following window where you can reset your password:

Change password window

Creating a New Account

To create a new account, push the "Create Account" button on the sign-in page. You will be directed to the following page:

Sign-up window Simply enter your e-mail (make sure it is typed correctly), and type in your password twice to set the password. You will be sent an e-mail with a link that will update your account to confirm that you have access to the e-mail. If you do not click this link, you may later be denied access to the account, but you don't have to respond right away.
Once you have entered your password, you will be directed to the following page, where you can start entering your family information. If you sign-out and then sign back in, from then on you will be directed to this same page, so you don't have to immediately enter your information Enter family information

NOTE: If you get the following error message when you try to sign up, then go back to the startup window, enter your e-mail address and push the Sign In button to see if your e-mail exists but no password has been assigned yet, or alternately, click on the "Forgot your Password?" button to assign a new password. In either case, you will be sent an e-mail from which you can set a password and activate your e-mail.

Email taken message

Your e-mail Address has already been taken

The above error message ("Email has already been taken") may also appear when you try to create your account in one other case.
It is possible that your e-mail address may have been incorrectly entered for someone else's account. It may have been misspelled, or a transcription error occurred, etc.
If that happens, then send an email to along with an explanation of what you encountered.
It is unlikely but possible that you see someone else's family information associated with your e-mail. Only the administrators of the registration system can correct such an error.

Adding Adult Information

Data for at least one adult must be entered in order to register a child for soccer. That adult is the one who accepts the terms and conditions listed during the registration process, and will be the initial point of contact with the convenor and coach.
This adult need not be a parent of the child, but keep in mind that for ages 9 and up, the child (not the adult) must live in the catchment area of the Charleswood Youth Soccer Association in order to register with CYSA.
Multiple adults may be entered for the same family, and they may each have their own attached e-mails. In this case, any of the adults may administer the family account (perform registrations, pay for registrations, edit contact information, etc).
To enter information for an adult, press the "Create Parent" button (which will appear if there are no adults entered yet, or press the "Add Another Adult" button that appears below the listing of the current adults associated with your e-mail address.
The following window will appear: Enter Adult Information Window When entering information on the first adult, only the Email box will be pre-filled. However, for adding additional adults, many of the fields will be pre-filled. The fields that are marked with an (*) are mandatory. You must supply a value in the home phone field. If you only have a cell phone, then enter that phone number under both the home phone and cell phone fields, as the home phone number is the primary telephone contact. In most cases the primary point of contact will be the e-mail address listed with the child's record, but we need a primary telephone contact as well, and the home phone number will be the first number to be used. Note that the telephone fields are expected in the format 204-555-1212 - that is the only format that will be accepted.
Once the information has been entered, you will be returned to your family account display, as in: Adult Information Entered Window
Check the information on the family listing page carefully. If there are any errors, you may use the "Edit" button to correct them. Make sure in particular that your e-mail address is entered correctly, and you have the correct contact phone number(s).
At this point, you now may enter information on your children, or you may enter information on other adults. You can sign out and come back to this page when you log back in.

Adding Child Information

From the family listing page which comes up after sign-in, you can enter information on your children using the "Add a Child" button, which will only appear when you have at least one adult entered. Children Information Window On this window, a lot of fields will be pre-filled, but you can alter any of them. In particular, the last name, street address, city, postal code, e-mail address, and home phone number will be copied from the adult information.
Check very carefully that your child's birthdate is entered correctly.
Once your child's information has been accepted, you will be returned to the main family listing, as in the following sample display. Family Listing Window If we are in a current registration season, then the second line of each child's information will display the session that they are eligible to register in, as shown in this example.
Check carefully that the child's name is spelled correctly, and that the birthdate and selected session are correct - you cannot change the session that your child will be registered in - that is set based on your child's birthdate.

Handling Entry Errors

A certain amount of validation will be done to data that you are entering to make sure that it seems valid.
If you omit some mandatory fields, or mistype some fields then you will get an error display like the following: Errors During Entry The particular fields that have errors will be displayed in the red box at the top of the window, along with a message for each describing the error.
In addition, the entry boxes for the invalid data will be outlined in red, so you can immediately see which fields are causing problems.
To fix the errors, go back to those fields, re-enter the data in the correct format, (or enter it in the case of missing data such as the postal code in the example), and then you can submit the data again, by pushing the button at the bottom of the window. None of the data that you enter will be accepted and stored until all of the fields are accepted.

Registering a Child

From the family information in the previous section on adding child information, you can see that a green "Register" button appears beside each child's information. Pressing this button brings up a registration window. Registering a Child On this window, make sure that the child's information, the birthdate and session, are correct. If this is entered incorrectly and your child is registered in the wrong age group, it may be very difficult to make adjustments, as the other correct session may be full.
Read all the text in this window. By registering your child you are agreeing to all the terms. The terms on your window will not necessarily match what you see in this example.
The school and nights of play information will only appear for mini-soccer registrations. We use the school that your child attends as a way to match up your child with other players to build teams. We also take gender into account - we try to even that out between teams.
When you push the "Register" button your child will be registered (but not yet paid). You will have the opportunity to unregister your child prior to payment if you discover that you have made a mistake.

Registration Confirmation

After registering a child, your family information will display that registration, as in the following example. Unpaid Registration Display When you first enter a registration, it is not paid for, and your child will not yet be able to play. You have until the end of the registration period to get your payment in, but it is best to pay right away so you don't forget. Your spot will be held until the end of the regular registration period, but if it continues to be unpaid after that, it may be given away to a late registrant who has paid. Note that we don't normally send e-mail confirmations of your registration, until payment has been made. Please register all of your children before pressing the "-- Pay --" button so that you can pay for all of them in one transaction. Note that you can choose to pay my bringing in a cheque to the in-person registration desk, or by mailing in a cheque, but make sure we get it by the end of the regular registration period. Your space may not be held after the end of the regular registration period if we haven't received payment.

Payment Online

Once you have an unpaid registration, your family listing will have a red Pay button beside each unpaid registration, as shown above. To pay online by credit card or using a PayPal account, push the Pay button, which will result in the following window being displayed. Registration Payment Display To pay online, either by credit card or using PayPal, push the orange Pay using PayPal button. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay for your registrations online using a credit card.
After pushing this button you will leave our site and be directed to a separate PayPal window to make your payment. You are given two options in this window - you can login to PayPal (if you have an account) and can choose any of the payment options that your PayPal account gives you, or you can skip the login and go directly to payment via credit card. In the latter case, we have prefilled your name and address into the credit card form to simplify the data entry, but you can change this as needed to match your own credit card information.
Once you have paid, then PayPal will give you a link to come back to our site.

Payment by Cheque or In Person

On the payment window shown in the previous section, there is a Send Registration Confirmation button. If you push this, we will e-mail you a summary of your registrations (paid or unpaid). For past registrants, we also mail out a form with your information on it. Either one of these can be used to provide the information we need to process your registration. We also will have blank forms at the in-person registration, as well as Kidsport application forms.
To pay in person, bring a copy of this e-mail or the mailed registration information, along with a cheque made payable to CYSA for the amount owing, and a second cheque for $50 to cover the volunteer bond fee, and bring them to the in-person registration (push the CYSA button at the top left of the window to go to the home page which lists the place, time and date). Bring a copy of your children's birth certificate or a copy of your MHSC card to provide proof of age.
Note that you can pay your registration using cash, but we do not accept cash for the volunteer bond fee, as we normally refund that to you by ripping up the cheques once our volunteer needs are met.
To pay by mail, send in a printed copy of your e-mail confirmation, along with the two cheques, and a copy of your proof of age (birth certificate or MHSC card) to:
Charleswood Youth Soccer Association
P.O. Box 21002
Winnipeg, MB R3R 3R2

Make sure you leave enough time for us to receive the payment before the end of the regular registration period.

Payment Confirmation

In order to tell if we have received your payment and processed it (please give us some time to process it if you pay by cheque), log back into your account.
You will see the following once your registration is complete. Paid Registration Display You will also receive an e-mailed receipt for a paid registration. If you don't receive an e-mailed receipt of your paid registration, then please let us know.